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Egg Coffee

The last two weeks have been spent drinking protein shakes for breakfast and dinner. This morning, I realized that my tummy was noticeably smaller. YAY Diamond Fitness Training!  I’ve been doing my PACE workouts, visualizations, and walking, so I’m excited about where my body is headed. :-D

BUT, the shake for breakfast AND dinner was really… beat. I felt I needed to “shake it up” so to speak (see what I did there?)

And THAT’S when I stumbled across someone mentioning that they put eggs in their coffee.  EGGS. IN their COFFEE.

I really had to let that sink in for a minute. I mean.. would that scramble their eggs?  Don’t get me wrong, I put raw eggs in just about every smoothie or beverage that graces my Vitamix, so the raw egg part wasn’t what made me balk; it was the coffee part.  What in the world would that even BE like?

Well, y’all know me, and even if you don’t I’m sure you can pretty much guess that I have little fear of culinary experimentation.  So I decided to try it.


Not only was it smooth and rich and frothy; it gave me a nice energy boost, and I was pretty well content, hunger-wise for a while afterwards!

I had wondered if the hot coffee would cook the egg, but it didn’t seem to be an issue.  Just in case, I poured it through a strainer, but it seemed unnecessary.  Also, in case you are wondering about the salt, you should know that SALT helps cut the rase of BITTER so that our tastebuds can discern SWEET.

In fact, you can brew your coffee with  the salt already in it, but, most people don’t do that, so just put some in your mixture and be done with it.

Here’s my food science hero, Alton Brown on brewing the perfect cup of coffee. As a professionally trained barista, former coffeehouse owner, and lover of hot beverages of all sorts, this video is 100% Cultured Mama approved.

Dairy free, gluten free… This early morning pick-me-up is da BOMB. The next time we open a coffeehouse, this little baby is SO going on the menu…

Paleo Egg Custard Mocha

1 cup freshly brewed coffee
2 raw, pastured eggs
1 tsp honey (opt)
5-10 drops Vanilla Flavored Stevia (to taste)
1 T raw cocoa
Generous pinch of salt

Put everything except the coffee in the blender and start on low.  Pour in the coffee as the blender is going, and crank up to high for a few seconds. Pour into favorite mug or chalice and ENJOY!


In my experimentation, I have discovered that adding freshly ground spices like nutmeg, clove, ginger, black pepper, and cinnamon makes the BEST Chai Latte EVER. Of course, there’s no milk in it, so it makes an incredible dairy-free option for folks who love their chai, but for whom the latte’s share no love. ;-)

And if you want something REALLY special, a little bit of jalapeño goes a long way to making this breakfast beverage a delicious, kicky concoction that will surprise everyone!  It brings heat to the party, but without overpowering the flavor. INCREDIBLE!

Eeyore didn't look to keen on the jalapeño, but I thought it was DELICIOUS!

Eeyore didn’t look to keen on the jalapeño, but I thought it was DELICIOUS!


  1. Erin says:

    I will have to try this. When I first learned about Bulletproof Coffee, I thought adding an egg would be a good way to get some protein in since it us my breakfast, but my friends said they thought it would mess up the consistency, so I didn’t try (who wants to risk ruining coffee?).

    • Dawn says:

      I know right?? Whatever you do, DO NOT RUIN THE COFFEE!! lol BUt it really doesn’t. It’s smooth and rich and unctuous!

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