Pampered Chef Party and Stoneware GIVEAWAY!

I HEART Pampered Chef.  Especially the Stoneware!  So when I saw that the September Guest Special was 20% off ALL Stoneware, and that the September Host Special was 60% off the stoneware as well, wellll… let’s just say I was all. over. that.

Sept specials

Immediately, I got in touch with my friend CarrieAnne Beatty, my near and dear Pampered Chef rep, and asked her to set us up with an Online Extravaganza, and EVERYONE’S INVITED!

To make things even more fun, make sure to join us on at our Facebook Online Show to keep up with kitchen tips and recipes, as well as entering to win this gorgeous Cranberry Pie Plate!

Deep Dish Pie Plate

Check out the online catalog and place your orders here.

Enter now to WIN!

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September Giveaway


  1. Heather says:

    I love ALL of my stoneware pieces from PS.

  2. Their stoneware and old veggie peeler.

  3. Amy says:

    Beautiful stoneware, just in time for holiday pies!

  4. I love their stoneware. The round one for making homemade pizza and flatbread is fun.

  5. Has anyone tried the Rockcrok pots yet? I'm considering buying…

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